Craft-Tine makes gift boxes, wreaths and specialty cards such as cascade, pop ups, slides and more. You can see Martine's work on her Craft-Tine page on Facebook.

Sandra Faxon

Local Colors Gallery

Sandra creates paper collages and watercolors with a touch of whimsy and delight for Cape Cod ("Turtle Island") lovers.

Carl Sheffer

Fine Art Photographer

Carl combines his love of travel and photography to capture colorful, exotic, and unusual subjects worldwide.

Marilyn Rowland

Marisol Cape Cod

Marilyn creates fun and festive necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and more inspired by the beauty and colors of Cape Cod and the Islands. 

John Russo


Irene Young

Spinner, Dyer, Felter


Unique handspun yarn, mostly angora goat curls (fine kid mohair)

Richard Heath 


Hand-crocheted afghans

Jane Parhiala


Runners, wall hangings, towels, pillows, cloth, Peace Flags.

Pam Washburn

Crocheted Ponchos and Other Items

Cynthia Lambert

Little Island Pottery

Colleen Corson
Arts of Palm

Decorative Fish, Wall Hangings, Bowls Made of Materials Collected from Palm Trees in the Florida Keys


Joe Freedman

Chico's Wampum Revealed

Barbara O'Connor 

Falmouth Sea Glass Jewelry falmouthseaglassjewelry


Forrest Pirovano

Original Oil Painting of Falmouth

Regina Correira

Pretty by the Sea

Sarah Caruso



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